Forth Hedgehog Hospital


Hello and welcome to our site!  We're a registered charity (SC043091) which aims to provide care to sick, orphaned or injured hedgehogs in Fife, Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

There are many reasons a hedgehog may need help, however if you see any of the common dangerous behaviours listed below please get in touch.


Out during the day:

This is a clear sign that something is wrong; the hedgehog may be very ill, orphaned or starving.


Lying out in the sun or unsteady on their feet:

This is not normal behaviour and the hedgehog is likely feeling cold and may also be dehydrated.


Walking in circles:

Can be caused by a number of factors but it likely to be one of the following; the hedgehog is blind, concussed from trauma or has an inner ear infection.


If you feel that a hedgehog needs help please call us on

07815 914 912